Jackie Paris, LMFT, RDT, BCT Individual, Couples & Family Psychotherapy


“I feel I am one of the luckiest people alive to have found Ms. Paris. She lifted me from a very dark place in my life. She helped me clear away years of hurt, anger, resentments, and more.”

Do you desperately want to …

  • Move past trauma and painful memories and begin living again?
  • Resolve your relationship problems and become more intimate and connected with others?
  • Establish a more peaceful, loving, productive relationship with your child?
  • Feel motivated, energetic and vibrant like you once did?
  • Have a sense of confidence and purpose, secure in the knowledge that you’re living up to your full potential?


“I found Jackie to be wonderful to work with as she quickly assessed my needs. Her style is honest, focused, and she’s very accessible. This is exactly what I needed!”

Focusing on Solutions
I provide you with compassionate, holistic and intuitive counseling, appropriate for individuals, couples, and families.

Utilizing creative art therapy techniques I’ll provide you with a safe environment in which you can let go of old beliefs and emotional baggage that can get in the way of your dreams, giving you the opportunity to re-envision yourself and your life!

Corporate & Management Consultancy

Does your organization require…

  • Consultation following restructuring, merging, or downsizing
  • New leadership and management styles?
  • Team building and communication strategies?
  • Inspiration and guidance to guarantee a return on investment?

I offer corporate consultancy with a focus on solutions to guarantee results. This includes identifying problem areas, strategic planning, implementation of action plans, and pre and post tests to ensure company renovation to produce the desired results.

I specialize in unique workshops that are designed to change the way that your company thinks, how it adapts to change, and how to perform to it’s highest ability.

Contact Jackie via email or call (503)528-4406 for more information.