Corporate & Management Consultancy to Ensure Your Success


In one year my sales increased over 300%, As I let go, I watched my revenue numbers soar.
~ Therapist & Business Consultant

Your organization depends on exemplary leadership skills, often when called on to perform despite challenging circumstances including:

  • Realizing a substantial ROI, even during economic downturns
  • Prioritizing following restructuring, merging, or downsizing
  • Aligning your organization’s strategy following management changes
  • Increasing motivation and production among your employees
  • Building an environment of teamwork and communication
  • Developing your competitive advantage to improve sales and customer service

Executive Coaching

“I have exceeded my own expectations in marketing, revenue and community outreach. We have strengthened our infrastructure and are positioned properly in the marketplace for a successful expansion.”
~ CEO, Funeral Services Company

I help executives gain a vision and develop their leadership skills that are in alignment with organizational objectives. I also work with businesses who wish to develop key talent. My approach is solutions focused and results oriented.

My process is straightforward and efficient, and includes an initial consultation to identify problem areas or “hot topics” and to establish goals. A strategic plan is then designed with recommendations and project timelines which may include:
A strategic plan is then designed with recommendations and project time lines and may include:

  • Acquiring skills to conduct tough conversations to deal with conflict constructively
  • Learning how to motivate teams and to evaluate performance
  • Improving protocols and procedures through restructuring
  • Introducing and integrating a new management style
  • Empowering individuals through role and process work
  • Implementing new communication and team building practices
  • Referrals to outside resources if needed, and
  • Pre and post analyses to ensure your organization’s renovation to produce the desired results.

Workshops to Encourage Risk Taking

“This course has helped me increase my client pool 200%. I highly recommend it!”
~ Interior Designer

Critical to your organization’s success is flexibility to adapt and change based on market conditions, often demanding “Out of the Box” thinking from your employees.

To help your organization reach its peak performance, I’ve developed interactive and experiential workshops to provide your employees with invaluable skills training. My workshops are uniquely designed and expertly led to guide your employees in:

  • Exploring their individual creativity
  • Overcoming problems and conflicts
  • Improving teamwork and communication

“Work is love made visible. For if you bake bread with indifference, you bake bitter bread that feeds but half of man’s hunger.”
~ Kahlil Gibran

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